Thursday, November 29, 2007

Volcanically heated tidepools. When the swells weren't crashing, it was like the greatest negative edge pool ever built by nature

After a 2 week hiatus from riding bikes, I swung a leg over the old Cannondale last night and left the house around 9pm. The wind was light, the sky was clear and it was F'ing cold. 19 degrees I think when I left. The climbs were warm, the flats were cool, and the drop back down to Flagstaff was bone chilling. I had neoprene booties on, and my right foot still felt like a frozen paw.

It was worth it.

Driving in to work this morning I saw a HUGE bus with Michael Myers on it - seems they are filming part of Halloween 7 in Flagstaff. Perfect spot if you as me. There are plenty of local derelicts to get rid of. I'm gonna stop back there on the way home and see if they need an extra. I'd LOVE to get down with Mike Myers. I still have the Halloween theme song as a ringtone on my cellie, although I've been playing the exorcist lately. Am I crazy? I think I was dropped as a child.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 1 of any trip always features some ups and downs....

Traveling to Kona via Honolulu takes a while even from Phoenix. Nearly 7 hours of flight time plus a 2 hour layover meant a long day. Fortunately, I spotted this assclown on Hapuna Beach outside of Kona on day 2. Yup - that's a smiley face tattooed on his right cheek, and a Banana Hanger swimsuit. Too bad you can't see the pierced nipples in front with the girlfriend that was wayyy past her prime. The great thing is that this dude was uber confident. Strutin' from the water to the beach. Indeed all that and a bag o' chips.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm off to the Big Island....

Update on the 27th. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

F*cking Vikings....

It's just a reminder that pro football is just entertainment, and the Packers are pretty good at entertaining. I hope they take the NFC and stun the Pats in the Super Bowl - and then Favre can ride off on a Quad with a gun rack into the Louisiana sunset with a bottle of vicodin to boot.

I am so ass over tea kettle when it comes to getting the hell outta town on Thursday at 4am. As in, I have a sh*tload to do and no time to do it in. Of course, I always find time to ride and on Sunday I burned the old lungs to max capacity in a 3-man 'race' around the front side of Mt. Elden with AK47 and Ellsie. AK rode some ridiculous 30 races or some sh*t like that this year so he's in great shape and Ellsie has been trail running to get back in shape. Well AK wanted to go HARD and he hammered the flats. I got him on the climbs by a hair and dropped him on the descents. The thing is, I think he thought we weren't racing, and I did. So he probably went home and installed a ceiling fan, did some work around the house etc....while I went home, ate, put my legs up, and went to bed. Taking 12 days off the bike will feel great, but I'll be itching to get back on in December. Racing starts again Jan 5th with a short track burner down in Phoenix.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Right in the eye with a racquetball last night. Good thing I had protective glasses on. I could see the ball coming at the last second, but there was no way I could even react. Now I have a headache, and a nice cut on the side of my nose (which bled like a streambed in at first, then bone dry). BUT, I still have two eyes. Two weeks, two head rattling injuries - I love racquetball.

Before that little session of fun last night, I managed to squeeze in nearly a 1 and 1/2 hour ride on the SS. Beautiful fall day, warm temps, great trails, and virtually no one on them. You have to be done by 5:45 now - and I came in a bout 10 minutes before dark.

Lyza is back tonight. No plans this weekend - just the way I like it. I swear I could never be one of those super-mom's because I have no idea what's for school lunch on Monday, I have to think about the acronym PTA first before barely reciting what it means, and as far as preparing for show and tell on Tuesday? Are you kidding me? Good think Lyza is an independent kid to a certain degree.

It looks like D is definately going to massage therapy school in Scottsdale starting on 1/14. I am 100% behind this decision. It's a skill you can take anywhere, people pony up for it without hesitation, and it works. I get sh*t all the time for having shaved legs, but ain't about cleaning crash wounds when you wipe out (although it helps) - its about getting a great massage and recovery.

Have a good weekend - go Vikes and I have a mancrush on Adrian Peterson.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


We had a Red Rock Racing team meeting last know, getting our clothing orders together, looking for some more fast guys/chicks to round out our race team and talking about sponsors. 9:00pm hit and GP and I decided a night ride was in order. The clouds were above, so it felt warm.

There's something just incredibly cool about night riding. The trails become 'new' again since you can't see peripherally, and ultimately you slow down a bit. Then -once your adjusted to the night, it almost feels like you're surfing terra firma. We did an easy 1.5 hour out and back. 3 showings of wildlife, 1 camper (sorry about the HID lights pal!), and not much else. Considering the weekend I had of all work and very little play, this was the highlight of the past 3 days.

It looks like D may be attending a massage school in Phx for 8 months starting in Jan. More on that to come.


Monday, November 5, 2007


It's 67 degrees today when we should be around 52. No snow, no rain....the trails are dusty, and I'm ready to shift gears. Literally. I rode the Scalpel this weekend for all of one hour, and realized how great gears are when you are suckin' ass at the end of a cycling season. Full suspension, 27 speeds, tubeless tires....all good.

I rolled down to Phoenix for my buddy A-man's 39th b-day. The dude who took him golfing - and in the process ensured a quality SURPRISE party as we all gathered in their absence - started puking around 7:30pm and never stopped. I held up my end as I had all of 2 bottles of Stella Artois beer and a glass of some outstanding Syrah. I was the soberest (is that a word?) person there. I sound like a douche bag, wanna-be rich guy poaching a party, but hey when somebody else is buying....right?! It was a great party, and Aidan is a great friend so it was well worth the drive down and back.

I'll post some halloween pics tonight. Gotta run now - work owns me this week. I can't wait for the Small Town D-Bags to descend on Tucson. Good times ahead.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Today's Top Tramp Stamp....

I thought this blog needed a new look too.

Pride and joy and greed and sex
That's what makes our town the best
Pride and joy and dirty dreams and still surviving on the street
And look at me, I'm in tatters, yeah I've been battered, what does it matter
Does it matter, uh-huh Does it matter, uh-huh, I'm a shattered
-The Stones

I am shattered. I played Dan Dan the Little Man last night in racquetball, and I was cruising to victory. The first game was 15-2, and I was leading the second game 7-5 when he crushed a forehand down the line and I went for it. I went too hard – and I couldn’t stop….and crumpled into the wall. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground looking up. My Oakley ½ Jackets did their job, as they exploded away from my face. The lens popped out, the arm broke free and the frames went flying. No cuts or scrapes, and they snapped back together. I think my headband helped too, because I only had a small knot on my forehead. About 45 seconds later – or so it seemed, my head was woosy and I was back up and playing. Damn close call. I wish I could say I made some dramatic shot – but I didn’t and I lost the point. My cabeza took a while to clear and I started to overheat and my legs turned to jelly. It was weird – possibly semi concussed? I lost that game, but I recovered in time to beat his ass 11-2 in the tiebreaker. Then came Mike the Loudmouth. Calling out the score in crazy clich├ęs (5 to 5, Double Nickel, I can’t drive 55). He can take his lounge act to the next court, because I didn’t have the patience for it. Our match ended quickly as I wasn’t about to spend too much time on the court with him and I felt it was my duty to whitewash him. I went home, took a couple of Tylenols and crashed like a ton of bricks.

Holy crap this was a busy week with Halloween, and a lot of work mixed in. I’m headed out for a 4-hour fattie ride tomorrow morning in the pines, then off to work for 3 hours and then on the Phoenix for a b-day party. One of my college buds turns 39. He’s a spring chicken amongst the rest of us who start turning 40 next month. I have to say I’m pumped about turning 40 since I get to race in the 40-49 category soon.

Tech Notes:
-Rather than buying a new wheelset, I converted my Bontrager Rims with Stan’s Tubeless….$80 versus $450. Easy call there. new WTB Exiwolfs too.....28psi here I come!
-3 committed for Old Pueblo so far....anyone else wanna come play?

Enjoy your weekend, and go Vikes